One of the most convenient way to grab all of your stuff & go. So, what does this cart have to do with carrying oxygen? A lot. Making your life easier by 
This shopping cart features an impressive 47L capacity which will ensure that you'll have enough room to get all your groceries home, plus room for any extra bags such as your handbag or purse. Going to a music festival, or camping? What better way to get your camping gear from your car to the site!

Made from a Hard wearing Polyester microfiber material, you'll be able to brave all seasons without worrying about your items becoming harmed. A drawstring closing also ensures extra protection from the rain, whilst a sturdy easy-to-grab handle helps you drive whilst also offering you support.

When not in use, you need not worry about the storage space that your new shopping cart will take up. The wheels can be removed, and the Hoppa simply folds-up flat, allowing you to store the item simply and conveniently behind a door, in a cupboard or in the boot of your car, ready for its next adventure.

All Hoppa Shopping Trollies come with a 1 year Guarantee for peace of mind, so if you experience any problems with your item we'll replace your item right away.

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