The OxyGo Fanny pack is designed around one of our most popular & lightest backpacks for the OxyGo Unit but with a padded waist strap, side pockets & an optional carry strap (that can be taken off) 

Comfortable & Lighweight, great for those who aren't interested in carrying their OxyGo unit on their back, this fanny pack/hip bag can be worn on the side, the front or on your lower back 


-Fits the OxyGo Unit 

-Mesh panels on front, sides and back for optimal breathability

-Zippered side pockets located on the waist pack for cell phone, keys, extra battery, wallet, etc. you do not have to use the pockets if you do not want to 

- cannula and charging ports for charging your unit in the fanny pack

-zippered bottom for changing your battery

-adjustable belt goes from 24"-57" can fit someone small to large 

-Side pockets are 7 x 7 

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