One of our favorite designs for the Oxygo Next unit, this lightweight design is everything you want when going hands free with your unit. Weighing only 9.5 ounces, this backpack has everything, zippered pockets for your credit cards, keys, inhaler. Easily accessible compartment for your unit to sit securely. Designated charging port and nasal cannula outlet. Triple padded backpack straps with adjustable and removable chest strap, easy to clean fabric & essential mesh for optimal breathability. 


Fabric: Easy to clean, poly (very breathable & lightweight) Pink & Paisley Print (Screen colors may vary) Think of vera bradley, this backpack is gorgeous! 

Length: Side to side: 7.20 (Fits the Oxygo Next unit perfectly)

Width: 3.26

Height: 9" This is with the double battery, smaller with the single battery

Side to side: With Small mesh side pocket: 8.20

Zippered front pocket: Under flap, side to side: 5 x 5 

Zippered front pocket: On flap: 4 x 5

Carry handle (attached to backpack): 13"

Backpack straps: 18" shortest to 42" longest, 2.5 inch width with triple padded 3d mesh foam for optimal comfort

Zippered bottom for easily changing battery 

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