Returns are accepted within 15 days for Inogen products & 30 days for oxygen tank bags or backpacks. We are very good about working with our customers to make sure you are happy with your purchase. All you have to do is email us with your return or exchange request. For returns, we ask that the bag be in the same condition it came, un-used. We ask this as we do not re-sell inventory that has been used.

Shipping is paid by the customer to & from. If you received free shipping on the way to you, you will be charged that amount as well, this is for returns only. 

All bags must be exchanged in the same way we sent it, new. 

Our policy is in effect to keep our customers safe, we cannot resend a used bag that has already been used by a different oxygen user, this is why the policy.

We know we can find you a great oxygen bag to carry your oxygen in, carrying your oxygen in one, easy to carry bag is a lot easier than carrying two! 



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