Backpack for Inogen One G3 with zip out battery in Black

Brand: O2TOTES

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Our newest Inogen one G3 backpack!

We have been working on these bags for a long time & they are finally here! These are great G3 backpacks with so many features! More pockets, zippered bottom for easy changing of your batteries, ample room for keys, charging cords, wallet, cell phone, etc. 

This backpack can also be worn as a cross body bag as an additional accessory.

Whats new: 

4 pockets, 2 large side pockets (magnetic button flaps), large back pocket, inside zippered pocket

Back grommet for charging your G3 

Zippered bottom so you can change your G3 batteries easier (fits both standard & double batteries) 

Come in 3 different colors, teal, black & red (check out our other listings) 


Backpack Fabric: Breathable PU (think a soft leather/suede material) so soft yet durable

Front Side to side dimensions: 12 x 9.5 (this is pocket to pocket) side to side front is 7x9.5 the same as the g3 unit. 

Side pockets: 7 x 6 (one on each side with magnetic button closure)

Back Pocket: 7 x 7

Inside zippered pocket: 7.5 x 7

Length of backpack straps at the shortest: 22" longest: 40" (A very small person could wear this backpack as well as someone who was over 250lbs. 

Width of strap: 1.5"

Optional Shoulder Strap Length: 30" x 42" 

Grommet holes for cannula as well as charging cords. You can charge your batteries with the unit in the bag. 

The zippered bottom is great for changing your battery (your bag can stay in the bag!) 

All of our G3 backpacks & bags accommodate the standard & double battery

This is a wonderful backpack that not only accommodates your G3 and all of your stuff but also doesn't scream, "I'm wearing oxygen!"  

Click here for more colors: 


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