Inogen One G3 Crossbody Purse in Black & Zebra

Brand: O2TOTES

  • $ 79.99


This is a great, sturdy purse/crossbody bag that is still lightweight and durable. Plus, its soooo cute! Accented in black & white zebra fabric on the pockets (back & two sides) this G3 purse/crossbody bag is perfect for all of the seasons. 

Made of 10oz black denim & accented in a printed coated canvas zebra print fabric (easy to wash away dirt & waterproof) this bag is great for anyone who wants a stylish, durable bag to carry all of their "things" and also their Inogen One G3 unit. Black mesh covers the front of the bag for perfect ventilation of your G3. 

The lining is even cute! Hot pink lining lines the entire inside of this G3 purse. Not that cheap stuff you see in some purses, this is a cute lining that accents this attractive bag. 

New & improved "slit" for your oxygen cannula. We have changed the oxygen cannula hole into a slit to accommodate all of your G3 units, double and extended batteries fit inside this bag. 


Handcrafted in U.S.A. Meaning, our sewers make these bags, not a machine, think of a custom bag for the price of one made by a machine!

100% 10 oz. Denim: Black
Canvas coated Zebra print fabric

10" Tall (accommodates both the standard & extended batteries)
8.5" side to side
Sides (with pockets) 2.5"
Pockets stretch from 2.5" to 5" both sides You can fit a wallet, keys, nasal cannula, charger, etc.
Back pocket is 9" from side to side & 8" tall!
This is one of our newest bags, our old bags were bigger & didn't fit the unit as well, these are snug on the unit but still allow the large pockets due to the elastic on the pockets.

Weight: Only 9 ounces!

Most recent questions:
What will fit in the pockets? Keys, wallet (try one of ours that we know will fit), eyeglasses or sunglasses, your charger, extra cannula & more. Depending on how big these items are, you can fit all of your daily essentials
Will it fit my extended & standard batteries?
We recommend spot cleaning and dry clean only on our bags. This bag has the canvas coated fabric which can be washed with soap and water. Its great & durable! 



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