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The new slim Inogen one G5 backpack is not only lightweight, it can hold all of your essential items you may need while on the go. 
Slim design with added storage
o2totes Inogen one G5 backpack features a separate compartment for your Inogen one G5 unit. Your unit easily slides in and out and has integrated mesh panels in all the correct places for your unit to vent and operate fully.  Discreet padding around the pack, and on its base, helps to protect your concentrator from bumps and scrapes while you're on the go; and integrated ports and clips mean you can plug in, charge, control, and use your concentrator all without ever taking it out of the backpack.
Backpack Storage & Pockets for added accessories
The G5 backpack features mesh side pockets that are easily accessible without having to move your concentrator. Store a water bottle, extra battery, etc.  zipper pockets and panels for storing backup cannulas and paperwork; The adjustable shoulder straps include an integrated zipper channel that can be used to secure oxygen tubing and cannulas out of sight rather than letting them dangle, and tangle, as you move through your day. Finally, on one side of the backpack there is a special pouch to hold an external battery while it is plugged into (and even powering) the oxygen concentrator!