Looking for an attractive backpack for your Oxygo unit? As with all of the Oxygo backpacks we have manufactured for the last 10 years, this backpack has many great features: Small in design, lightweight, two side pockets with magnetic buttons for your extra accessories, can fit a double or two single batteries in one of the large side pockets, secondary side pocket has room for keys, wallet, extra cannulas or charging cords. Whats great about this backpacks is its small, lightweight & you can carry your unit, charging cords, wallet, keys, cell phone while providing all the ventilation needed for your Oxygo unit. The aftermarket Oxygo backpack has been reviewed and loved by many o2 users. Life just got easier with this hands free backpack with three pockets for your Inogen unit, keys, wallet, charging cords and extra battery or batteries. The backpack also fits the standard or double battery. This aftermarket Oxygo backpack is is breathable and lightweight. 10" Tall 8.5" (width). Backpack has a designated cannula hole for your cannula as well as a designated hole allows you to charge your unit while in the bag. You also can unzip the bottom to change out your battery. Backpack straps are padded, ergonomic and adjustable, This is a great backpack for your Oxygo unit that is small, easy to use, comfortable & fits all of your stuff, plus, your unit.

Material: Microfiber Suede 

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