Runway: Small Oxygen Purse

Brand: O2TOTES

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The Runway tote bag is a great bag for those individuals with a small oxygen tank, M4 and M7. The Runway comes in two colors, Black and Tan, features a black embroidered scroll on the front.

11" Length
9" Height
4.5" Diameter/width
1 zippered outside pocket (back of the bag) and one large inside zippered pocket
Zip top closure
Comes with organizing insert

How it works:
Place your Runway bag on a table or hard, flat surface
Take your oxygen tank and place at the bottom of the bag
Secure the tank with the velcro straps, criss cross across the tank
Make sure the oxygen tubing is facing the opposite side of the designated cannula hose (small opening next to the zipper, pictured below)
Place your organizing insert on top of your oxygen tank, pull your cannula up through the bag
Place your belongings in the insert or side pocket inside your bag
Pull your oxygen cannula through the hold on the top of the bag (shown below)
Zip your bag and you're ready to go!

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

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