Looking for a carry case for your SimplyGo mini portable oxygen concentrator? How about a carry case that not only looks good but also holds all of the essentials you need when carrying your oxygen? The SImplyGo mini carry case in a beautiful flower print fabric custom manufactured with large mesh vents for ventilation of your unit, a large side pocket for items such as: a water bottle, keys, cell phone, charging cords, two zippered pockets-one on the front of the carry case and the other on the back, providing enough room for an extra cannula, or more items you may need. Your SimplyGo mini slides into this bag perfectly, allowing you to use your extended or standard battery, charge your unit in the carry case and a designated hole for your nasal cannula. All carry bags are tested & allow your unit to vent perfectly while in use.

Material: 600D Polyester

Cleaning: Easily spot clean or take to dry cleaners, this material is great because not only is in extremely breathable, it is also easy to clean & keep clean

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