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What's better than a boring backpack? A backpack that is made for your needs. As an oxygen user, we know it can be hard to find the "perfect" bag or backpack. While we know we can't please everyone, we can at least try.

The New & Improved Inogen One G5 backpack is our lightest version for the G5 unit, weighing in at only 15 ounces. Such a lightweight backpack is designed to wear for as many minutes, or hours as you choose. Charging your unit is easy with the easily accessible charging port located on the backside of the backpack. Need to change your battery? Let's make that easy with a secure zippered bottom compartment.

So, why do you want a backpack for your G5 unit? You want to be hands free? Walk? Go to dinner? Run errands? Shop? Garden? Golf? Or, just for convenience? Perfect. This is a backpack you can use for all of those activities, we know, we have tried all of them while wearing a G5 backpack.

By now you're probably thinking, yes! I want this backpack so I too can stay in, go out, have fun, be by myself, go to dinner, or whatever you feel like doing. So.... let's make sure you have all of the specifics before diving into purchasing this beautifully crafted backpack.

Did we mention, this color is violet, it's beautiful, easy to clean & a limited release? We don't like to make the same color backpacks over & over again.....that would be so boring.

#1: This G5 backpack is made of cordura canvas with our patented breathable mesh panels that surround your unit to ensure breathability (yes, we test all of our products with Inogen units for months, they go through rigorous testing to ensure you are safe, as well as your unit)
Your unit is protected with discreet padding (just in case)

#2: Backpack comes with a removable chest strap (yep, some don't like a chest strap) & waist strap (not removable, but, we do have a video on how to cut it off if you don't like it, its easy and won't ruin your backpack) See below for length of straps.

#3: This is only for the G5 unit (not, the Inogen One G4, not the Inogen One G3) Make sure you have the Inogen One G5 unit (model # IS-500, look on the back of your unit for the number) Please email us if you are unsure, we can save you & ourselves the troubles of returning the backpack if you don't have the correct unit.

#4: All backpacks come with a warranty, yep, who does that anymore? O2totes does! In case you're wondering, who is o2totes? We are the original manufacturers of portable oxygen bags & backpacks, yes, we did it first. Since 2007, our small, family owned business has designed, manufactured & sold bags and backpacks for oxygen, it's what we do.

You might want dimensions, so, we wrote this for you:


Length: Side to side: 7.20 (Fits the Inogen one G5 unit perfectly, must slide the unit through the bottom at first use) read the directions on this, you will understand why)

Width: 3.26

Height: 9" Fits both standard & double batteries

Side to side: 8.20

Zippered front pocket: Under flap, side to side: 5 x 5

Zippered front pocket: On flap: 4 x 5

Carry handle (attached to backpack): 13"

Backpack straps: 18" shortest to 42" longest, 2.75 inch width with triple padded 3d mesh foam for optimal comfort

Zippered bottom for easily changing battery

Anything else you need to know? Email us, we can celebrate you & your finding of the "perfect" backpack


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