Inogen One G3 Ultra Lightweight Backpack - Black

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Inogen One G3 Lightweight Backpack

The lightest backpack you will find for your unit with all of the mesh panels you need for breathability. 

If you're looking for a backpack that fits your Inogen one G3 unit? This lightweight backpack is lightweight at only 12 ounces. This is a great backpack for outdoor activities where you don't want to carry anything else with you, a lightweight hands free option that vents your unit perfectly. Fits both the standard & extended battery.

The backpack has a zippered bottom for easily changing your battery and a pad that rests at the bottom for when a single battery is used & can be taken out when the extended battery is in use. 


Height: 8.65, Length: 8.90, Width: 3.0 IN. (Fits both standard & extended batteries)

Triple Padded backpack straps with included chest strap that is adjustable & removable

Inside zippered pocket for keys, phone, and lightweight accessories

Mesh panels that not only surround the unit on the front, they also surround the sides for optimal breathability. 

Top clear panel for easily viewing controls and keeping dust out of backpack and other debris

strong & sturdy buckles for keeping your unit secure when wearing

Strong zippered bottom for changing batteries easily 

cannula & charging grommets located in both areas for easily charging batteries while unit is still in the backpack


Backpack dimensions: 

Height: 8.65, Length: 8.90, Width: 3.0 IN.

Easy to clean, water resistant & breathable fabric 


***Will only Fit the Inogen One G3**

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