o2totes Rhythm Healthcare P2 Backpack w/Storage

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 Looking for a backpack specifically designed for your Rhythm P2 oxygen concentrator? Here it is! Lightweight, pockets for storage of an extra battery, charging cables, back pocket for extra accessories. Comfortable & practical. 


Rhythm Healthcare-P2-E6

Rhythm Healthcare P2: These are both the same units, and will fit the backpack

If your unit is pictured below in the pictures, it will fit in this backpack 

Please contact us with any questions! 

This bag will also work on the Arya Airvito. They are the same unit, just different names.

*Limited supply* 

Ideal for anyone with a Rhythm P2, this Backpack offers structural support and breathability while on the go. Its pockets, lightweight design, mesh panels, and zippered bottom for extra storage provide convenience and comfort all day long.

Designed to provide maximum convenience when traveling or at home with oxygen therapy. It features a clear top panel for easy visibility, a cannula port so your cannula doesn't kink, the ability to charge the concentrator in the bag, and secure backpack straps and a padded carry handle for comfortable wear.

Designed for comfort and convenience, one of the backpack straps features a cannula holder (no dragging of the cannula), padded backpack straps for even weight distribution, and storage for charging cords/wallet, keys & more. Additionally, a chest and waist strap provide extra stability and support. Stay comfortable and carry your oxygen concentrator around with ease. (both are adjustable and chest strap can be taken off when not needed) see dimensions below.

The bottom portion of the backpack has a unique feature; the compartment can be taken off when it is not needed, but can also hold an extra battery and charging cords

Limited supply of these lightweight backpacks! Grab one today!


Inside dimensions: 6.3 width (side to side)

Depth: 3.3"

Height: 8.7" Top to bottom (without bottom pocket)

Bottom Compartment: 6.3-width, 3.3-depth, 3" height Can come completely off and zipped back on.

Made for Rhythm Healthcare P2. This backpack features breathable hex-mesh panels crafted from a polyester blend, ideal for ensuring optimal airflow and comfort. Perfect for carrying a POC, you can have peace of mind knowing that you're investing in quality and breathability.

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