Oxygo Next Hip/Fanny Bag - Black

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  • Color - Black
  • Lightweight Cordura Canvas with Patented Breathable Mesh
  • Durable
  • Proper Ventilation 
  • Great for Men & Women
  • Charging Accessibility (your unit can remain inside the fanny pack)
  • Oxygen Tubing Holder
  • Adjustable Waist Strap & Carry Strap (carry strap is removable)
  • Pockets (for personal belongings and/or an extra battery)


  • LENGTH: 7.30” side to side (inside where unit sits)
  • WIDTH: 3.26”
  • HEIGHT: 9” (Fits Standard & Double Battery) Top to bottom 
  • WEIGHT: 1 LB
  • ZIPPERED FRONT POCKET: 4” x 5” (On Flap)
  • ZIPPERED POCKET: 5” x 5” (Under Front Flap)
  • ZIPPERED POCKETS (X2): 6” x 6” (On Waist Strap)
  • CARRY STRAP: 30” Shortest (Pad On Strap) - 47” Longest
  • WAIST STRAP: 8” Smallest - 47” Largest

CLEANING: You can easily spot clean with soap & water - air dry. If it requires a full wash, we recommend dry cleaning!

We test all of our products with the unit for months, they go through rigorous testing to ensure you and your unit are safe! 

Here at o2totes we focus on product quality, affordability, & style. We know wearing oxygen can be cumbersome, that's why our backpacks are made for you! 

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