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Inogen One G3 backpack by o2totes, lightweight
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What Our Customer Say....
I kept buying mesh backpacks but they just didn't fit right or the straps hurt my shoulders. I gave in and bought this bag and I wish I had done it sooner!! It fits perfectly and feels so much better on my shoulders.

Ayra V.

No Regrets!

5 out of 5 stars! Very well made pack for the portable concentrator. Worth the extra money with additional pocket or cellphone, wallet, or candy for my Grandchildren.

Sheila M.

When my dr. put me on oxygen, I was so upset. I thought of the tanks that I would have to lug around. Then I found out I could use the Inogen. Shortly after, the backpack from o2totes came, I can do all of my activities again! Golf, gardening with my wife, play with my grandkids. I love my mesh backpack, incredible handy and well made!

Ronald D.

Golf Again!