Our Story......


We have been in business since 2007, designing bags & selling online. We first started making tank bags & backpacks, then, liquid oxygen bags, and later, portable oxygen concentrator bags
We focus our attention on oxygen bags, this is why we don't sell much of anything else. We believe our customers should have something nice to wear while wearing their oxygen. We truly want to make your life easier,  we consider you our friends, not just our customers. 
We are a small company, and we focus on the customer first. 
Here's a little timeline of how we started: 
2007- First original O2TOTE sewn
2008- O2TOTES original bags are designed & manufactured in California
2009- New designs are introduced
2009-2015-New bags, new designs
2015-Introduced the Inogen G2 & Inogen G3 stylish Oxygen bags
2016- Enjoying everyday of helping individuals on oxygen.....
2017: Introducing new lines/manufacturing & designing 
2018: Present 
Drop us a line: Info@o2totes.com
(833) o2-totes