We receive a lot of questions on our G3 bags. Let's answer some of them now: 

Q: Why are the bags so expensive? 

A: Let's break the bag down into materials & find out what you are paying for.

 -Fabric (fabric is expensive, you are talking about $9.99-59.99/yard in some cases more. We use more than a yard of fabric on each bag. 

Lining: We use broadcloth, not a cheap material like some companies use

Foam: Our bags are padded


Labor: We employ individuals to make each bag individually in the U.S. and pay fair wages

Clasps, grommets, strap buckles for adjusters for your straps & backpacks

Therefore, we actually don't make that much on these bags, our profit is way smaller than larger companies that sell products in the medical field. 

Q: Where are the Inogen One G3 bags made?

A: U.S.A. These bags are handcrafted (made by hand, by professional sewers, not machines) This means that you are basically getting a custom bag. From time to time, you may see some loose thread, this does not affect the quality of compromise the structure of the bag. 

Q: What can I fit in my Inogen One G3 bag?

A: You can fit a lot. Your unit, keys, wallet, glasses, sunglasses, extra tubing, etc. There are 3 pockets, one on the back & (2) on the sides. 

Q: Where does my cannula come out? We recommend you either use the side hole for standard batteries & the top of the bag for your cannula to come out (see instructions) if you use the extended batteries. We do our best to prevent the kinking of nasal cannulas, unfortunately, there are many cannulas out there & we do not know which one you will be using. We do recommend non-kink cannulas. 

o2totes is not responsible for kinking cannulas, that is a product we do not carry. Please make sure your cannula does not kink. 

A: There will be a sewn hole on the side of your bag for your nasal cannula as well as another hole & velcro for your cannula so it does not kink. 

Q: Do the bags accommodate the extended batteries? 

A: Yes, both the extended & standard batteries fit in the G3 bag. 

Q: Should I keep my unit in the other bag & then put it in this bag?

A: No, you should take your unit out of the other bag before placing in your new bag.




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