All New! Oxygo Next Carry Bag with adjustable, padded shoulder straps is a wonderful carry bag for your Oxygo Next machine. 

This versatile Custom Carry bag is the ideal solution for carrying your Oxygo Next & accessories you may need with you. We have styled this carry bag in a lightweight, durable & easy to clean cordura canvas. The design of the carry bag is one in which the carry bag not only protects your unit but also allows you to feel comfortable while out & about. 

The Oxygo Next carry bag features integrated mesh panels around the exterior of the bag, where you need the venting for the Oxygo Next unit, you will notice the mesh at the bottom front, and on both sides. All carry bags have been tested for optimal breathability. You may not notice the extra padding around the unit as this is imbedded inside the fabric to protect your unit from the wear of everyday use. All carry bags have integrated ports for plug in, charging, and controlling your concentrator without the need to take the unit out of the bag. 

Specifics: Black Cordura Canvas 

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